Thursday, 20 October 2016

Some Lessons on DIY Home Renovation

A DIY home renovation really sounds like fun. When you move to a home, especially the vintage one that hasn’t been used for decades, you will definitely love to explore the history of place you are living in. Customizing such a place into livable one should be an experience of exploring amazing history of last inhabitants who belonged to last century but wait. You couldn’t pay attention to the fact that the place you are going to live in actually decaying. Now, fragile walls and broken floor would be a challenge rather than a history lesson you were expecting.

If you are a new DIYer, you have got to embrace the fact that working without supervision of someone having experience in DIY home renovation might cost you many times of what should have been spent; plus, you might have to handover the task to someone professional after all that fuss.

However, you may face challenges while doing home renovation even if you have experience in customizing your previous home; but this is what makes you a DIYer and it surely has a hidden charm of attempting to accomplish something by climbing hurdles.

 With all that said, if you still have interest in DIY renovation, there are some lessons for you and your partner that you can take help from in order to make a right start and move steadily towards accomplishment of your goals.
  • Make sure you and your partner are not suffering from communication gap syndrome. Remember, a stressful relationship poses bigger threat to everything you do. It especially involves home improvement because this task is of constructive and artful nature. You will only make it worse if you are not in good state of mind.
  • Since you are not a professional in home improvement, you may not be able to see anything wrong while you work on the project. However in the six months, you are going to see the pitfalls in your work in a way that you might even start hating it. Even though, you might regret doing the task by yourself but it’s definitely not regrettable. You worked with your heart and soul and this is what that matters the most. You were not a professional and that is a good enough reason to justify the pitfalls.
  • It may sound a little harsh but it is the fact that doing DIY work is never a fun. Although you may be excited while planning the home renovation, you have got to understand that home renovation is the task you can never run from. It’s the task that you start once; you will have no way other than completing it. By that time, you might start hating the mess.
  • Since you are doing all this renovation task for the purpose of saving money along with a passion of learning something about remodeling, it is really a good idea to stick with the inexpensive and easier tasks. For example, you can use faux panels on accent walls instead of playing with mortar and tiles. Remember, the common recommendation for any DIY project is to work only on easy things. Difficult tasks can be outsourced to professionals. 


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